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  1. Hi,am Daniel Siringeti Kimani a student in VETI college and actually am facing difficulty in paying my school fees that why I disided to find helb as I have hard from my school mate talking about.Am also a 2018/2019 applicant since I have join this year April so may you helb me if I can apply the loan please.Thankyou!

  2. Hi ,I have almost 2 years in job and my employer deducts me nhif money ,but when I went to hospital they told me am not registered help me to know why please

  3. my employment was terminated and the hospital i had chosen is far from where i am currently but i filled a form to change the hospital including the letter of termination but they have not yet changed and i want to use my card immediately please help

  4. i registered with NHIF so i texted my I.D No to 21101 to check my status the reply was that my card number was invalid why?

  5. I defaulted in paying my loan when I lost my job and was blacklisted. I now want to start repaying. Question is, can I be cleared if I continue to service the loan without defaulting? Or I have to clear the outstanding first?

  6. i received a message that am listed with CRB by KCB MPESA. I have been trying to pay vie *844# but i usually get a message that the service is not available for sometime due to some technical issues. Its not my fault that I can’t access the service. Kindly advice

  7. How can I access your loans if ma phone is a windows phone and not an android so that I can download the app, am really I need of your loans but I have windows phone and so i can’t access google play store

  8. Hi
    We are a group of young people aged between 15 yrs to 35 yrs.
    We have a vision of reaching young people to educate them against drug abuse, teach them on making right choices in life, create job opportunities through investment and such like. My question is: Should we go for Self Help group, a Society or an Organization for registration. Kindly advice.

    • Hi heroes in Christ,
      We salute you for taking the initiative to make your community a better place.
      According to your vision goals of education and creation of job opportunities your path lies on what may be termed as a COMMUNITY BASED ORGANIZATION which aims to meet human, educational,
      environmental, or public safety community needs.
      A Self help group on the other hand involves members to share mutual support for each other and undergo the same problems.
      In summary, you should register your group as a COMMUNITY BASED ORGANIZATION (CBO)

  9. how can I know which company blacklisted me coz if its mshwari I paid and how will I know how many years are remaining to complete my five years.

  10. Hi,
    I have applied for my ID in December but it will take 3 month to come out and they have not yet in the system. I also have my waiting card and I really wanted to get certificate of good conduct to travel to Australia for university. My question is IF THE UNIVERSITY SENDS ME A LETTER WHICH SAYS I NEEDED TO BE their FEBRUARY IN Australia can I still get the certificate of good conduct?

    • hi Abdimajid,
      You can apply for the certificate of good conduct using the waiting card, apply for the certificate at CID offices rather than Huduma centre because at CID takes 2 weeks while at Huduma takes a month if Its urgent

  11. My name was listed to CRB what can i do to clear up my name and if is to pay a panalt fee kindly tell me is how much and how do i pay it.Thanks

  12. was issued with good conduct certificate but lost my finger print and receipt issued in nairobi how can i obtain another fingerprint and receipt because i have the certificate of good conduct

    • Hi Edward, as long as you have the certificate of good conduct that’s all that’s required. The receipt and finger prints can be obtained again when you renew the certificate of good conduct.

  13. Kindly is it possible to apply for a Good conduct from my nearest police station? and in case I have to come to the Headquarters do you work on sarturdays?

  14. what does it mean second generation indentification card. That is the requirement mentioned to show when I want to apply for certificate of good conduct

    • Of course a passport is a necessary document to travel abroad, as for a driver’s license u will need an international driver’s license if u want to drive abroad. I hope I answered your question

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