Nairobi’s conmen have used several tricks to fleece Nairobians over the years and some of the tricks in their fraudulent bags have become sophisticated:

1. Sweepstake winners
They mostly insist that they are from Meru (or any
other upcountry town) and don’t know their way around Nairobi.

They will target men, since on average men are greedier. They show you the ticket that they have won Sh1 million and ask for help with directions, mostly to a dingy building in the CBD.

Once you get there they promise to share a percentage of the windfall
but will insist that they cannot enter the building because they are afraid and suspicious of Nairobi and its denizens.

They will their victim for an ID, money or even proof that you will not disappear with the ticket.

Naively, many individuals agree to part with whatever they have as a guarantee that they will come back.

As you climb the stairs, smiling on your luck on a Tuesday afternoon, they disappear.

When you get to the right office, you will encounter a totally different office that has received many visitors of your kind.

Via Nation


BEWARE! Job seekers this is for you!

If anyone calls you, claiming to be an employee of Commercial Bank of Africa and tells you that they are
recruiting for customer executives, and that you need to pay a refundable fee of 1000 shillings via M-PESA or any other means, do not bother!

Via James (Thika resident)

BEWARE! New Trick ‘mothers’ use to abandon their Children!!!

Dont accept if an unknown lady asks you to hold her baby for her so that she can buy whatever.thats the new method of abandoning kids.

You may end up stranded with the kid as it happened to a driver where I come from.

The lady tricked the driver into holding the baby for her so she could withdraw money from an mpesa.up until now,a week after the incident,the driver is still waiting.
It may seem impolite but just say NO!

Via Lucy (Nairobi resident)


This happened to a driver with 2NK he was driving his matatu to nairobi he recieved a call
instructing him to pick up some bananas that were beside the road near thika.
The caller said he was in nrb T-room waiting, sure enough the driver found the said bananas and he picked them up even before he arrived at nairobi, he was arrested for theft.

This is what happens:a mkora gets to know about some goods on the roadside and he telephones a driver along that route, the driver may pickup the goods unnoticed/
undetected and deliver them to the con artist and get paid the transport fee but in the event that the driver is found picking the goods the mkora will disown him.

This trend is prevalent in the nrb-thika route.

Via Mike ( Matatu driver)

BEWARE! Mpesa Conman loose in Kiambu

There is a con on the loose in Kiambu, and his main
target is M-PESA shops. He went to an MPESA shop recently and presented a sh100 note, with the intention of buying credit worth sh20.

He then asked for a pen to write down something, and thereafter asked the female attendant to hand over all the cash in the till, which she did.

She only realized what she had done after he was long gone. When the shop owner reported the incident at Kiambu Police Station, he was informed that there were many other people who fell into the same trap.

via Grace (Kiambu Resident)

Ministries losing billions to ghost workers

Taxpayers have been losing more than Sh1.8 billion annually.through dubious payments to ghost civil servants.

But the noose could soon be tightening on rogue senior public service officers who have been pocketing the money after President Uhuru Kenyatta Thursday
directed an audit of all ministries as part of a far- reaching cleaning up of the government payroll.

“In an initial eight ministries partially audited, we have found evidence that indicates that a considerable number of officers who are either on secondment, are
deceased, retired or have deserted their duties and who therefore ought not to be remunerated, are still retained in the public service payroll,” said Mr Kenyatta
in a statement to newsrooms.

The audit had revealed that the government was losing Sh70 million in irregular payments to non-existent civil servants in the eight ministries.

“If indeed the same applies to all the 18 ministries, the government loses some Sh150 million monthly and approximately Sh1.8 billion annually,” he said, adding
that the revelations had caused consternation.

Mr Kenyatta directed the ministry of Devolution and Planning and the National Treasury to outsource the audit and cleaning up of the payroll to a reputable company.

The work should be undertaken within three months and a report submitted to his office.

The audit will be led by the ministry of Devolution, which is in charge of the directorate of public service management.

Last year, Health Cabinet secretary James Macharia said devolution had made it possible to expose the ghost workers in his ministry.

The enormity of the problem of ghost workers began to emerge after the national government transferred payrolls to the devolved governments earlier this week.

Governors have been cleaning up the payrolls through headcounts to determine the number of workers on the ground against those received from the Ministry of

An analysis of a number of counties revealed a grim picture. The number of workers in Nyandarua County jumped from 313 to 1,488 while Kisumu County has 3,497 civil servants in the payroll with a wage bill of Sh193 million every month.

In Mombasa county, the numbers now stand at 2,300 workers with a monthly wage bill of Sh80 million while in Taita-Taveta county, some 1092 workers were seconded to the county with a wage bill of Sh50 million per month.

In Nyeri, the numbers have swelled to 2,943 with the annual wage bill now standing at Sh2.3 billion while in Siaya County, the numbers now stand at 1,900 workers with an estimated Sh 48 million wage bill.

An officer offering technical advice to the human resource committee at the Council of Governors who
sought anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter, said those to be paid by the end of the month
will be determined through a headcount being undertaken in most counties.

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi, who is also the chairman of Finance and Economic Committee of the Council of Governors, confirmed that counties will only
pay those who are working and those absent for good reasons like study leave.

“Counties will only pay those on the ground which we are trying to establish through a headcount as well as those absent for good reasons like study leave,” he said
in a telephone interview.

The Devolution ministry is said to have collated the numbers from all the ministries which it then forwarded to the counties.

To facilitate the payments, the ministry has installed the integrated payroll and personal database (IPPD) system in all the 47 counties and 291 officers trained on how to manage the payroll.

According to the ministry, the counties have confirmed they are using the system and now have the capacity to manage the payroll.

The transfer of the first batch of workers in December caused a furore with most counties reporting many of those transferred were ghost workers.

The Nairobi City County — which was among the most
affected — received 5,334 workers for the devolved functions which included health, agriculture, pre-
school education and wildlife. The cost of the payroll was established to be Sh6.4 billion per year.

Following a head count conducted by the Governor, Dr Evans Kidero, only 2,900 people were found to be
working while about 2,400 people could not be accounted for despite being in the payroll.

The ministry of Health for instance moved 4,300 health workers to Nairobi but only 2,130 were found to be working on the ground.

Via Nation Newspaper

Alshabaab Snitch is a FAKE!

Anti-terror police in Nairobi have dismissed as a liar and paranoid, the man from Nyahururu who claims to be linked to Al-Shabaab terror cell.

The officers said they had on two occasions arrested and released Peter Wang’ondu, from Kinamba in Laikipia West after he
claimed to have been to Somalia.

They realized he had a mental problem and took him to Mathari hospital where he was treated and discharged.

Even on Wednesday they attended to him and released him later.
The officers said Wang’ondu was a former English teacher in Somalia but never joined al-shabaab by the
time he left.

Wang’ondu confessed to training with the terror group in Somali and other countries.

Nyandarua OCPD Benjamin Onsongo said they arrested him after he made the claims and later handed him to ATPU who released him.

The man, who confessed to
being linked to Al-Qaeda, told the Press he joined the group in 2006 and has been to 33 countries. But ATPU says all his claims are lies and baseless.

Via The Star Newspaper