How to apply for Certificate of good conduct ( police clearance certificate ) online via ecitizen.


1. Log in to ecitizen portal

2. Upon successful login, you will be taken to the ecitizen dashboard whereby you will be required to click on any of the agencies listed below to access the respective services.

To apply for the police clearance certificate, click on the link Directorate of Criminal Investigations


3. On the next page, click on the make application tab.


4. On the next tab, you have 2 options to choose between adult application or child application


4. On the next page, proceed to the Apply Now tab.


5. On the next, you will be required to fill in the details regarding where you would like to have your fingerprints taken and the date.



6. After filling in the details, you will be required to submit them


7. On the next screen, you will be required to make payment of ksh1050 via your preferred method



15 responses to “How to apply for Certificate of good conduct ( police clearance certificate ) online via ecitizen.

  1. Hello am kelvin I’ve been trying to apply for a good conduct certificate but the system does not recognise my ID number yet two days ago I used the same ID to apply for my KRA pin I was hoping you could assist me by feeding my details into your system

  2. I went to huduma center two weeks ago where I applied my good conduct certificate and I wasn’t asked for an ecitizen account. am still waiting for them to let me know if it’s ready and they haven’t did I followed the legal steps to apply for it
    am getting worried

  3. Hi. I applied for a certificate of good conduct and got lost with the payment. I paid through mpesa QHWCKVJ but was not able to confirm. The mpesa code is MA623DSKXA

  4. What can disqualified me from getting police clearance certificates and if i am disqualified is there a way of qualifying

  5. hey,it has been a month since I applied for my good conduct, to date ,8th-Dec, 2017,i have not received. will be grateful for your advise as to why the delay has occurred.

  6. How long does a Good certificate take??? I applied for one on the 19th of September 2017 but as I check the status it’s at processing. We were around 3 guys and they got theirs withing 3 working days.

  7. I have paid through Mpesa and i am told that payment has failed yet I have a confirmation from Mpesa. I have also called Mpesa and have confirmed payment

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