How to replace a lost KNEC certificate


important notice

Kenya National Examinations Council has stopped the replacement of lost, defaced and burnt certificates. Anyone requiring replacement would instead be given a notification sheet indicating he or she sat the examination in question


Here are the requirements and steps needed to replace your lost KNEC certificate in Kenya.


  • KNEC currently replaces certificates of the years 1981-2010 and takes about 60 days to process.
  • Processed certificates MUST be collected within 2 years from the date of application by the owner. In the case of a minor s/he should be accompanied by one of the parents
  • Certificate replacements can only be done only once


Before applying for the replacement, you must ensure you possess the below personal details and they should be accurate.

1. Your name
2. School/college/examination centre
3. Name of examination and year sat for
4. Full index number and month series
5. National ID/passport number/birth certificate
6. Your address, telephone number, fax number, email address
7. Your signature

Also you must possess the below documents:

1. Copy of certificate(s) or result slip(s)
2. Police abstract indicating loss of the certificate(s) – ORIGINAL COPY
3. Recommendation letters addressed to KNEC
– From head-teacher of the school attended – ORIGINAL COPY
– From CDE/DEO for private candidates or those whose schools have closed down – ORIGINAL COPY
– From employer – ORIGINAL COPY
4. Sworn legal affidavit on identity of applicant – ORIGINAL COPY
5. Copy of national ID/passport/birth certificate


  • Names on national ID must tally with those used during the examination.
  • Applicants who have legally changed their names must attach the legal documents used to change the name.

6. KNEC bank deposit slip is available in the following banks: (Equity, Co-operative bank of Kenya, National bank of Kenya and Kenya Commercial Bank) – ORIGINAL COPY

Payment of the replacement certificate involves a non-refundable fee of shs.5800 per certificate


  • KNEC does NOT accept cheques.
  • Deposit bank slips MUST be presented within 12 months from the date of deposit.

If you have secured all the above details and relevant documents stated above, download the


Carefully fill in the details required and attach the relevant documents to accompany the form and send them to the below postal address:

Council secretary/Chief Executive,
Kenya National Examinations Council,
P.O Box 73598-00200,
City Square, Nairobi.


28 responses to “How to replace a lost KNEC certificate

  1. I am Amanya John, a south Sudanese national. I did my KCPE and KCSE in Kenya. unfortunately, when I went back to south Sudan I lost all my certificates due to an attack in the area where I was residing. pliz help me on how I should get the notification sheet. thanks

  2. good work knec,how to l go about acquiring the confimation of certificates lost,l have been in problems for more than 12yrs for my cert.kindly assit almost lossing hope.

  3. kindly I have all the details for the lost kcpe kcse and college cert.where should o replace it and how much can I pay per cert.kindly assist.thanks

    • i replaced my lost certificates on 14th March 2015 . they were both primary and secondary school. are they ready i come for them jan 2018? thanks

  4. just in need of replacing my lost certs.people I schooled with have gotten a job and haven’t kindly assist me on how to replace them as soon as possible .please.
    lost all the three.

  5. Now that you stated that it takes two years to be processed,what if someone is of need agently and he/she has a photocopy of the certificates and in need of original, Kindly assist

  6. I do not have a copy of the lost KCPE certificate/result slip to attach to the form for replacement.what should i do?

  7. congratulations for the good work you do,to help some of us out,I’m in such a situation the school did misplace my primary certificate. After reclaiming a replacement of the same,will I get a had copy or what? Thanks.

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