Want to know your NHIF contribution status? Here’s how to find out

In our Previous article on what is NHIF and how to apply for it, we highlighted a few areas including

-Eligibility for the cover

-Benefits (inpatient and outpatient)

-Registration requirements

-Payment options

-Contribution rates

In this article, we will show you how to know your contribution status for the cover If you are an NHIF member.

ID xx xx xx xx
(Where xx xx xx xx) is your ID number)

You will receive an SMS reply indicating your;

-Membership number


-ID number

-Year of birth

-Employer name (If employed)

-Last contribution


18 responses to “Want to know your NHIF contribution status? Here’s how to find out

  1. I don’t think it’s fair for clients to pay to know their status
    Nhif should enable this feature online for free. We already paid the premiums. Why pay to know status.

  2. Sent this id no. for my dad-0304790 see what i got-Beatrice Hellen Mulwa,YOB 1962,No contribution data available.Please consult your employer-TSC.Can i get the correct response because his contribution is upto date?????????????When you visit NHIF offices you are told go check online???????

  3. It’s very painful that i go the hospital,they refuse to treat because ,their computers could reflect the credited fund for Nov.and am loyal member of nhif.it forced to deep into my pocket to expencively for the service!!!

  4. also,you need to have a way of your customers knowing the number of dependent coz you always keep on going to the office or huduma centre and we could have just check it on line to reduce congestion.Thank you

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