Want to know your loan status? Are you blacklisted or not? Here’s how you can find out!

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Lets face it, there’s no such thing as ‘enough money’. Money in whatever proportion(s) will never be sufficient thus there’s always the need to look for more.

From the filthy rich billionaires to the middle class citizens to the dirt poor paupers,money plays a very vital role in their survival and ultimately creates a subsequent rift that divides them into social classes.

Therefore in the quest survival, whereby money is limited, vis-a-vis a situation requiring a much larger amount, there is usually the option of taking loans.

Loans in other words are ‘lifesavers’ during financial difficulties. it entails borrowing a certain amount of money payable through a defined duration at a set interest rate.

Despite its advantages, there is also a downside to taking loans.This involves the inability to repay leading to a term referred to as a loan default.

A loan default rating should spell danger to any loanee. For example a loan defaulter here in Kenya risks being blacklisted by the CRB (Credit Reference Bureau) which means you will not be able to access ANY loan from whatever formal source for a period not exceeding 5 years.

To avoid such a scenario, its usually advisable to check your credit status by simply doing the following;

There are currently 3 licensed credit reference bureaus where you can obtain your credit report:


You get listed by CRB after you default a loan by at least 90 days. The law requires CRB to retain the default information for a period of 5 years from when the loan was cleared.



Dial *433#

1. For new applicants

  • Enter your ID number

  • Link phone number to your ID number

  • Pay KES 50 to MPESA paybill 220388  A/c number: *your ID number*

  • Upon successful payment, you will receive an sms with your PIN, REFERENCE NUMBER and a LINK to download your free credit report.

  • The PIN is to enable you access the service in future, the REFERENCE NUMBER is used to download the credit report from the LINK provided.

2. For already registered users

  • Enter your PIN ( incase you forgot, Call 0709 834 000 )

  • Choose your desired service request from a variety of options

    • Listing Status : Pay KES 50 to MPESA paybill 220388  A/c number: *your ID number*

    • Credit Score: Pay KES 150 to MPESA paybill 220388  A/c number: *your ID number*

    • Credit Report: Pay KES 250 to MPESA paybill 220388  A/c number: *your ID number*

    • Clearance certificate: Pay KES 2200 to MPESA paybill 220388  A/c number: *your ID number*

    • Who has listed me: Pay KES 50 to MPESA paybill 220388  A/c number: *your ID number*



NOTE: sms charges cost KES 19

( To save on sms charges cost, download TransUnion Nipashe app for free ) For more on this app, check out our exclusive article

1. Sms your full names to 21272

2. Enter your ID number

3. Reply with your desired service request

  • CR ( Credit Report)

    • Entitles you to 1 free credit report per year (Reply with your email address to access it)

    • For subsequent credit report : Pay KES 300 to MPESA/AIRTEL paybill 212121  A/c number: *your ID number*

  • CS ( Credit Status)

    • Good = positive credit rating

    • Default = negative credit rating

  • CC ( Clearance Certificate)

    • Pay KES 2200 to MPESA paybill 212121  A/c number: *your ID number*

    • Send payment details to cert@transunion.co.ke and you will be emailed the certificate.




417 responses to “Want to know your loan status? Are you blacklisted or not? Here’s how you can find out!

  1. I have paid my loan but they sill tell me that I have loan that has not been paid in another institution. can advise me which institution is that because i have paid my loan.

  2. Mbona crb wananitumia messege eti lipa100 For rigistration na nimelipa wanaedelea tena kutuma na niliigia crb aje?

  3. I paid the loan I borrowed from m-shwari of ksh 5649 and cleared from the crb blacklisting but crb attendant told me to wait atleast four days,how does it go please I need clarification on this.thank you

  4. I haven’t borrowed any loan BT when I try to borrow in tala app they tell mh that my ID exists so am wondering why so I would like to know that amount that that person borrow using my document

  5. mbona nimejipata niko CRB kwanjili ya negative loan ya KCB iliali nilikopa 500 na nikarejesha izo loan kwa hiyo siku ba ikabaki ikiwa negative loan. nilipiga simu mara kadha safaricom wakiniambia sina loan ya KCB hila imebaki negative mkaniweka CRB mbona simungechunguza kwanza?

  6. I have paid 2200 for clearence and i got the SMS i cannot be given COC because i have been blacklisted by Kuwazo Capital Limited i file disputed report on 17/1/19 for 21days in eldoret agents because phone no used to borrow money doesn’t belong to me please i need your assistance .

  7. You told me to pay 100 bob to know who has listed me. Almost 3weeks no feedback. How long does it take. Ama nyinyi ni scam????

  8. I cleared my loan and crb clearance two years back but kcb says am listed with crb pls help. . kcb only …..others they lends me, where is the problem?

  9. Imagine my line lost with a debt of 200 and now they have blacklisted me though I bought another line like four years ago and lately they gave me mshwari Loan but kcb refused why it’s around 5yrs now

  10. Which way could I get high score to CRB coz my points is less than the required points?Then will I get credit immediately if l reach 400points?After paying any amount is necessary to forward the same SMS to WhatsApp? If paying sh50 to know who sent my name to CRB what importance of it?

  11. I cleared my mshwari loan,paid the clearance,got the certificate but kcb does not loan me .They say I am still listed in CRB .What is the issue?

  12. Can you give a direction on how to get out of crb restrictions evenly without long processes.. let it be automatic technological process.. .. little as 500 should not be your target please.. thank you..

  13. I don’t know you borrow loan with my ID card and even l don’t know how much money he or she borrow using my ID card because l have tried to borrow loan and this is my first time to apply for a loan at mcoop bank and there have told me is not successfully so l don’t know what to do?please hel me

  14. I have been blacklisted by AFB and I want to pay but I don’t know where to find them please help

    • I’ve paid the clearance fee of 2200ksh, yet i’ve got no report on whether i am cleared or i can get another loan.

  15. I cleared an mpesa loan last yeah and I also paid the clearance fee to crb and was told I would be sent a notification to be told that I have been cleared? kindly update me

  16. I have paid 2200 for clearance certificate but have not gotten yet am being told to pay again, kindly advice

  17. ive cleared with mswari a loan of sh 1000 i am being told to wait 4 five days will i be cleared……….
    . i dont need clearance certificate

  18. Do you have any other payment options apart from Safaricom and Airtel? How does one go about payment if i have an orange line?It would really be unfair if one can only pay via Safaricom or Airtel and you restrict one from paying using someone’s number.

    • I hove paid 2200 for clearence my name and i got the catificate.How long will i take b4 i started get onother loan in to KCB mpesa

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