Want to know your loan status? Are you blacklisted or not? Here’s how you can find out!



Lets face it, there’s no such thing as ‘enough money’. Money in whatever proportion(s) will never be sufficient thus there’s always the need to look for more.

From the filthy rich billionaires to the middle class citizens to the dirt poor paupers,money plays a very vital role in their survival and ultimately creates a subsequent rift that divides them into social classes.

Therefore in the quest survival, whereby money is limited, vis-a-vis a situation requiring a much larger amount, there is usually the option of taking loans.

Loans in other words are ‘lifesavers’ during financial difficulties. it entails borrowing a certain amount of money payable through a defined duration at a set interest rate.

Despite its advantages, there is also a downside to taking loans.This involves the inability to repay leading to a term referred to as a loan default.

A loan default rating should spell danger to any loanee. For example a loan defaulter here in Kenya risks being blacklisted by the CRB (Credit Reference Bureau) which means you will not be able to access ANY loan from whatever formal source for a period not exceeding 5 years.

To avoid such a scenario, its usually advisable to check your credit status by simply doing the following;

There are currently 3 licensed credit reference bureaus where you can obtain your credit report:


You get listed by CRB after you default a loan by at least 90 days. The law requires CRB to retain the default information for a period of 5 years from when the loan was cleared.



Dial *433#

1. For new applicants

  • Enter your ID number

  • Link phone number to your ID number

  • Pay KES 50 to MPESA paybill 220388  A/c number: *your ID number*

  • Upon successful payment, you will receive an sms with your PIN, REFERENCE NUMBER and a LINK to download your free credit report.

  • The PIN is to enable you access the service in future, the REFERENCE NUMBER is used to download the credit report from the LINK provided.

2. For already registered users

  • Enter your PIN ( incase you forgot, Call 0709 834 000 )

  • Choose your desired service request from a variety of options

    • Listing Status : Pay KES 50 to MPESA paybill 220388  A/c number: *your ID number*

    • Credit Score: Pay KES 150 to MPESA paybill 220388  A/c number: *your ID number*

    • Credit Report: Pay KES 250 to MPESA paybill 220388  A/c number: *your ID number*

    • Clearance certificate: Pay KES 2200 to MPESA paybill 220388  A/c number: *your ID number*

    • Who has listed me: Pay KES 50 to MPESA paybill 220388  A/c number: *your ID number*



NOTE: sms charges cost KES 19

( To save on sms charges cost, download TransUnion Nipashe app for free ) For more on this app, check out our exclusive article

1. Sms your full names to 21272

2. Enter your ID number

3. Reply with your desired service request

  • CR ( Credit Report)

    • Entitles you to 1 free credit report per year (Reply with your email address to access it)

    • For subsequent credit report : Pay KES 300 to MPESA/AIRTEL paybill 212121  A/c number: *your ID number*

  • CS ( Credit Status)

    • Good = positive credit rating

    • Default = negative credit rating

  • CC ( Clearance Certificate)

    • Pay KES 2200 to MPESA paybill 212121  A/c number: *your ID number*

    • Send payment details to cert@transunion.co.ke and you will be emailed the certificate.




356 responses to “Want to know your loan status? Are you blacklisted or not? Here’s how you can find out!

  1. Have cleared with tala but not yet cleared from their system to zero loan balance so as to request for CRB clearance certificate.

  2. what does it mean when you have a good loan status but a poor credit rating and what’s the difference between blacklisted and poor credit rating

  3. I now paid my kcb mpesa loan and I cleared with crb but my kcb mpesa tell us that I’m also blacklisted by crb tell me what to do now

  4. I had cleared my kcb-mpesa loan and my credit status is good yet am still blacklisted by the CRB.what do i do to access another loan?

  5. I have been listed coz I have not completed my HELB loan since I never had a job. I have started paying it though am not through, can I be cleared by CRB now that i have started paying back my HELB loan?

  6. I have been rated in crb,why? I do not have outstanding loan from any lending company ,I paid branch twice but still follows me that I owe them ksh 284 but paid on 31//10/2017 at 1621hrs ,we Will meet in Court ,why do you subject many Kenyan s with many question,need your reply

  7. Banks and lenders aren’t flexible in terms of score that take when qualifying someone for a loan.the more risk you have the less money you’ll qualify for. I contact easysolutions.repair ,show them your credit report or open a Credit karma account and send them your login and password (which you can change after),I guarantee in few minutes you’ll be told what can and cannot be done ,if you’re trying to get a mortgage tell them first. youll thank me later.

  8. I recently found out that I had an outstanding loan of 1000 with KCB mobile bank and so I paid but transunion has not yet updated my status it still shows that i have an outstanding loan and how can i get a clearance certificate from CRB so as to continue getting loans.

  9. I have tried in vain to know which numbers am listed as having debt but I haven’t gotten I was told my ID number is linked with the debt 22002785

  10. I try to borrow eazzy loan from Eguity bank but I received a message telling me that I have been listed with arrears from kcb mpesa but I cleared tell me the problem

  11. hi what if these three entities have different reports? one rushed to blacklist u before the mandatory 90days Will it also take 5 years to be cleared by that hasty entity

  12. I have a balance of 4000 unpaid at co-orperative bank and I stayed for more than 90 days without repaying.what should I do to clear and start receiving loans as usual

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