Nairobi’s conmen have used several tricks to fleece Nairobians over the years and some of the tricks in their fraudulent bags have become sophisticated:

1. Sweepstake winners
They mostly insist that they are from Meru (or any
other upcountry town) and don’t know their way around Nairobi.

They will target men, since on average men are greedier. They show you the ticket that they have won Sh1 million and ask for help with directions, mostly to a dingy building in the CBD.

Once you get there they promise to share a percentage of the windfall
but will insist that they cannot enter the building because they are afraid and suspicious of Nairobi and its denizens.

They will their victim for an ID, money or even proof that you will not disappear with the ticket.

Naively, many individuals agree to part with whatever they have as a guarantee that they will come back.

As you climb the stairs, smiling on your luck on a Tuesday afternoon, they disappear.

When you get to the right office, you will encounter a totally different office that has received many visitors of your kind.

Via Nation


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