Alshabaab Snitch is a FAKE!

Anti-terror police in Nairobi have dismissed as a liar and paranoid, the man from Nyahururu who claims to be linked to Al-Shabaab terror cell.

The officers said they had on two occasions arrested and released Peter Wang’ondu, from Kinamba in Laikipia West after he
claimed to have been to Somalia.

They realized he had a mental problem and took him to Mathari hospital where he was treated and discharged.

Even on Wednesday they attended to him and released him later.
The officers said Wang’ondu was a former English teacher in Somalia but never joined al-shabaab by the
time he left.

Wang’ondu confessed to training with the terror group in Somali and other countries.

Nyandarua OCPD Benjamin Onsongo said they arrested him after he made the claims and later handed him to ATPU who released him.

The man, who confessed to
being linked to Al-Qaeda, told the Press he joined the group in 2006 and has been to 33 countries. But ATPU says all his claims are lies and baseless.

Via The Star Newspaper


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