Mpesa Fraud: The ‘contact save’ tactic

contact save

This is one of the earliest reported fraud visited upon the uninitiated Agents or those that are careless.

It involves a conman having the telephone number of the MPESA sim card line and access to the handset in which they save therein their personal mobile number as “Mpesa”.

What is thereafter done is that the conman forwards to an Agent’s mpesa line an SMS withdrawal confirmation authorizing payment since the Agent would be confused to think that the message came from Safaricom.

It is only after subsequent transaction that an Agent finds out to their surprise that the amount withdrawn was not added to their float and on inquiring from customer care they find that such a transaction was never captured in the system; in other words it was a con!


  • An Mpesa agent should not divulge their Mpesa Line number or PIN to anybody.
  • An Mpesa agent should not allow un-authorized access to the handset used in conducting the Mpesa transactions
  • An agent should confirm the float balance after each transaction

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