Real Daddy OR imposter????

When you become famous, it’s only natural that people want to be associated with you or your success. Friends call you their BFFs, your parents say you’re their favourite kid, total strangers claim that you’re their daughter.

Okay, the last one rarely happens. But it did to one of these country’s hottest actresses.

During her Ghafla! visit, Mali/Shuga cast member Brenda Wairimu spoke about a lot of things but one of the most interesting story came when she was asked about stalking incidences.

She claimed that she was alerted by a guard about someone who kept showing up at her place to ask about her. She always missed the guy but one day he left a package. One of the things inside was a letter in which he used to explain that he was in fact her father. The letter also had a passport photo of the fictional dad, just so Brenda could decide for herself.

Brenda confirmed that her mother denied having ever met the man.

Copyright: Ghafla! News


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