Techno Mobile

Let me first start of this post by admitting that i myself own a legit Tecno mobile phone. Before i acquired it, i had this notion that the brand was not a legit brand or rather it was one of the many ‘chinese-made’ phones.

My notion was further enhanced through my friends’ dislike of the products and they would rather stick to the established and well known names like Samsung, Nokia, Motorolla and the likes. So when i bought the Techno Mobile Phone, i knew that in a few months time, i would be back in the market searching for a new phone since ‘rumours’ had it that Techno products are ‘fake’.

As i write this, one and a half years down the line, i am proud to say that my Techno mobile is still going strong. My own and previous notions of people deeming the product defective has been outlived through personal experience with their products. And to those who are still skeptical, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it 🙂

You can check out Techno mobile website HERE or like their Facebook Page


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