Avril Impersonator

On Wednesday, Ogopa Deejays singer Avril was shocked after she learned that an impersonator was using her Facebook account, misleading fans in the pretext that she was looking for video vixens.

What was more spooky was that a girl named Clare went missing after she attended an interview with the guy pretending to be Avril’s manager. She had gone to meet the Avril

Facebook impersonator — whose name was given as Bolt — after he duped her into believing that he was Avril’s manager, recruiting video vixens for her next video.

“The guy (Bolt) who my impersonator claimed is my manager has been giving girls appointments asking them to go for interviews on who would make it to be in my next video. Whatever happens, those girls should know that I have nothing to do with the fishy saga,” Avril told Pulse when she visited our offices yesterday morning.

A police hunt has been hatched following the Wednesday episode after it became evident that the said guy had lined up a number of girls for different appointments after taking them throw lewd propelled interviews bordering on sexual abuse.

“One of the girls who talked to the guy knows me and she is the one who told me her friend had gone missing after getting an appointment with the guy. Police officers are now leading the search. I am worried this might be a very crooked fellow with very bad motives,” an emotionally shaken Avril told Pulse.

Copyright: Standard Newspaper via Pulse

This is why thorough research should be conducted before accepting any meetings by strangers. I hope the missing girl turns out safe eventually. Remember stay safe!!! Keep Vigilant!!


One response to “Avril Impersonator

  1. avril j have also fallen on hands of those skunks who tried to treak me that we gonna do a collabo with you bt unaffortunately it did not work bt hope so work with you as soon as possible

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